Flat Roof Made From Felt – The Advantages

  • Cost – flat roof made from felt is the best option in terms of value
  • Suitability – They suit any size of roof and can be made to fit most shapes. The new bitumen allows for shrinkage and expansion and is a modern invention – nothing like the old flat roofs from 30 years ago. Not ideal for walking across on a hot summer’s day though as this would damage the roof.
  • Damage resistance – Hot weather makes the roof susceptible if you walk across it without protecting it with boards to spread the weight. Ideally a flat roof should not be walked on without protection.
  • Repairability – If you stick to a plain finish then it is ok if the roof needs patching. This is one of the advantages of felt.
  • Appearance – There are several different colour finishes and they do look better than a rubber roof in my opinion.
  • Installation – The main thing to say is that this is not DIY as there is a hot blow torch required. That’s why you need a professional who is insured!

When you want to get a quote for a new flat roof or a repair in the Tilehurst, Calcot, Caversham, Reading, Earley, Emmer Green, Henley, Wargrave, Finchampsted, Theale or Pangbourne, please get in touch.

Call 0118 942 6383 or 07710 333664

A happy client with a new flat roof…

When you do a good job, it’s nice to get a testimonial that says you have done a good job. This chap lives in Tilehurst and sent me a not. Looks a bit like someone from a Channel 4 drama, so I asked him to send me a photo to put alongside his words. And he did! Boyd Butler of Pierces Hill is the happy owner of a new flat roof from Park Lane Roofing.

A quick call is all it takes…for a new flat roof

If you want a quick quote all you have to do is pick up the phone and call me. I’ll be able to give you an idea of the price of the job, a sort of range, if you tell me what you want, where you live or where the flat roof is and roughly how large it is.

So please do text or call me for a free quote. 0118 942 6383 is my number.


No Fly Tipping Here

When I drive along sometimes I see fly tipping. It makes me really mad when I see roof tiles or felt (or anything) that has been dumped in a lay by just to save a few quid.

When I do a job, I price in my travel to the tip and make sure I pay what is due for the rubbish to be dealt with properly.

When you get a quote for a flat roof make sure you use someone who disposes of the rubbish properly. There’s nothing worse than a cowboy operator undercharging because he doesn’t do ALL the work necessary to be a proper trader.

Rant over!!