When It Rains That’s When You Find Out You Have A Problem

November 1st 2018. Probably the first bit of rain we have had in Reading for months! And guess what, my phone didn’t stop ringing. Why? Because it’s only when it rains that you find out you have a flat roof problem.

That’s because flat roofs usually have a small hole in them. And it takes a steady downpour to find that you have a leak, unless you spot it on your paintwork or if mould starts to grow.

I always seem to find that people leave a flat roof repair until it’s too late and the whole flat roof has to be replaced. I don’t know why this is.

If I were a homeowner, I’d be getting my roof checked out regularly and I would certainly get it repaired before any more damage is done internally.

If you think you might have a problem. give me a call. It’ll take your mind off any potential problems and it’ll let you sleep soundly.

And probably save you a few quid.