If your New Year Resolution is to get a new flat roof….

Happy New Year.

It’s that time when we write down a list of all the jobs that we want to get done around the house as well as getting ourselves thinner, fitter, more active, less moany etc!

So it’s a quick little note to say that if a new flat roof is on your list, then please let me help you tick it off before the month of January is even finished.

For a few hundred pounds you can have a new flat roof that doesn’t leak and will not let you down. It’ll be fitted by a specialist with all the right credential, and I’ll take away all the old roof and dispose of it for you…(at great expense now the Reading Council has upped charges for commercial waste!).

So please get in touch and I’ll pop round, tell you about my New Year’s Resolution and fix your roof…all at the same time.