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Flat roof company Reading – advice for checking your roof

As a flat roof company we often get a call from someone asking us if it is possible for someone to repair their own flat roof.

The answer to this question is yes providing you know exactly what to do…

However, knowing what to do is where being an expert generally helps!

For example, the first problem an amateur may have is falling through a flat roof because the leak has caused the boards to rot away over time!

The timbers may not be strong enough to hold your weight, even if you walk on boards you have put up to help spread your load. So this is the first thing to worry about.

Secondly, you may not be able to find the leak. Just because you have found out where the wall or ceiling is wet or damp, it doesn’t mean you know where the leak is.

Thirdly, you may not have the skills to use bitumen and the lit gas burner to repair your roof! (I’m not joking!)

Unless you are a very experienced DIY expert, I’d recommend getting an expert roofer in to have a look at your problem. Even if you don’t choose me to fix your flat roof in Reading, I can always take a ¬†quick look and advise you on what your outcome might be if you do it yourself. (Of course I’ll leave you with a quote too, just in case you want to save yourself the time and hassle of doing it!).


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