FREE maintenance check of your flat roof in Reading and Tilehurst

Replace, Repair or Renew Your Flat Roof – How Long Will It Last?

A New Flat Roof In Reading could be expected to last between eight and fifteen years. Maybe a little more if it is really well maintained.

A flat roof is really like any other part of your building. The better the maintenance the longer it is going to last. If it isn’t looked after it can lead to unexpected and unecessary problems and leaks. Harsh winters and frosts have certainly added to wear and tear over the last couple of winters.

If you have any damp areas under your flat roof, on paintwork of brick work, then it could well be the roof that is leaking. This often happens in porches and garages.

As a minimum you should inspect you roof at least once a year. If you see anything that makes you think you may have a problem, give me a call and I’ll come and look at it for you –

Call me on 07710 333 664 – Carl Clarke Flat Roof Reading Repairs And Replacement

I’ll do this for flat roofs in the Reading area without charge.


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