Best roofing company in Reading and Tilehurst areas

Dear reader,

That’s right, you will feel our flat roof systems are the best you have ever seen. You see we are specialists at repairing flat roofs and installing new flat roof systems. We don’t do building repairs, odd jobs or driveways. We are the experts. You wouldn’t go to a GP to do your brain surgery  – so don’t go to anyone other than a flat roof specialist to fix your flat roof.

“But My Flat Roof Doesn’t Leak At The Moment!” Looks aren’t everything. It’s true that a flat roof does not need much maintenance. But there’s the great British weather which can easily cause problems e.g. snow, frost and rain. Eventually small holes created in the roof will cause water to penetrate below, and this often causes severe damage.

My personal guarantee to you;

1.You will feel I install the best Flat roof you have seen!

2.If a leak appears any time in 5 years I will repair it at no cost.

Celebrities choose Park Lane Flat Roofing

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