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Best roofing company in Reading and Tilehurst areas

Dear reader,

That’s right, you will feel our flat roof systems are the best you have ever seen. You see we are specialists at repairing flat roofs and installing new flat roof systems. We don’t do building repairs, odd jobs or driveways. We are the experts. You wouldn’t go to a GP to do your brain surgery  – so don’t go to anyone other than a flat roof specialist to fix your flat roof.

“But My Flat Roof Doesn’t Leak At The Moment!” Looks aren’t everything. It’s true that a flat roof does not need much maintenance. But there’s the great British weather which can easily cause problems e.g. snow, frost and rain. Eventually small holes created in the roof will cause water to penetrate below, and this often causes severe damage.

My personal guarantee to you;

1.You will feel I install the best Flat roof you have seen!

2.If a leak appears any time in 5 years I will repair it at no cost.

Celebrities choose Park Lane Flat Roofing

Flat Roofing Questions answered

Here are some questions I often get asked about Flat Roof Repairs

  • Do You Do Free Estimates? YES because you’ll want to meet us and ask questions…talk costs nothing
  • Are You Insured? YES we are. Because in the unlikelihood that anything goes wrong…you’re covered
  • How Long Have You Been In Business? 25 Years – seems like a long time on cold winter days!
  • Do You Do All The Work Yourself? YES, no subcontractors. It’s right we do the work ourselves
  • Do You Offer Any Discounts? YES, £47 only when you validate the voucher below
  • Do You Dispose Of The Old Flat Roof? YES and we do it legally and we’re green-friendly
  • Can You Do Roofs Of A Different Colour? YES, we can do roof felt in green…and brown…etc.

So please now you know what’s what – give me a call!

Carl Clarke Flat Roof Reading

Flat Roof is not completely flat

Are Flat Roofs Totally Flat?

Thursday, September 15th, 2011

Reading Flat Roof Repairs can now reveal exclusively that all flat roofs are not always…FLAT!

That’s because they are generally inclined slightly so that the rainwater can run off to the gutter or small downpipe.

Not all flat roofs are flat! Some are positively pyramid-like!

Some systems allow the water to evaporate, some are designed for the water to go over a lip on to the ground and some have a special pipe (like a drainpipe) to let the water flow away. What’s right depends on what your roof is like.

Call me on 07710 333 664 – Carl Clarke Flat Roof Reading Repairs And Replacement

It’s something you are welcome to call me about if you want a flat roof repair in Reading.

How to maintain a flat roof in Reading

Flat Roof Maintenance For Reading

Sunday, October 16th, 2011

A Flat Roof does not need much maintenance.

If you have chippings on yours (this used to be done to protect from the weather, but it’s not done anymore) then you want to make sure you don’t walk on them when you are on the roof. This can cause them to pierce the felt. It doesn’t happen too often but it is nor worth taking the chance.

I suggest you put a piece of plyboard on the roof over the chippings if you are inspecting the roof or need to go on it.

Also make sure chippings don’t block the gutter. And another thing to do is cut back any trees which overhang the flat roof. Debris from leaves and the stuff from birds can damage the roof.

Removing moss can also help maintain your flat roof.

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FREE maintenance check of your flat roof in Reading and Tilehurst

Replace, Repair or Renew Your Flat Roof – How Long Will It Last?

A New Flat Roof In Reading could be expected to last between eight and fifteen years. Maybe a little more if it is really well maintained.

A flat roof is really like any other part of your building. The better the maintenance the longer it is going to last. If it isn’t looked after it can lead to unexpected and unecessary problems and leaks. Harsh winters and frosts have certainly added to wear and tear over the last couple of winters.

If you have any damp areas under your flat roof, on paintwork of brick work, then it could well be the roof that is leaking. This often happens in porches and garages.

As a minimum you should inspect you roof at least once a year. If you see anything that makes you think you may have a problem, give me a call and I’ll come and look at it for you –

Call me on 07710 333 664 – Carl Clarke Flat Roof Reading Repairs And Replacement

I’ll do this for flat roofs in the Reading area without charge.


DIY Flat Roof Replacement Reading and Tilehurst

Can You Repair Your Own Flat Roof?

Flat Roof Repairs or Replacement require boiling bitumen and it’s not a substance anyone can use. It’s the stuff that makes sure your roof is totally watertight. More than six billion square metres of roofing annually in Europe and North America is used with bitumen waterproofing – so it is the business when it comes to roofing.

If you have suddenly got a leak, it’s probably a false economy to try and repair it yourself. It’s likely you have a problem that needs sorting properly. It’s pretty much like the brakes on your car. If you can fix them yourself, great…but is it worth taking the risk. Call me on 07710 333 664 – Carl Clarke Flat Roof Reading Repairs And Replacement. Your Tilehurst Roofing Company.

Quick SMS Text Quote For Flat Roof Repairs Reading

Do you want a quick estimate over the phone for a new flat roof or a repair in Reading?

Sometimes you just want a quick quote to get an idea of what things might cost.

I am happy to give you a rough estimate – all you have to do is text me the rough size of your roof and I’ll call you back or text you a quote.

Simply text me on 07710 333 664 and I’ll get back to you with a quote for roof repairs, Leaking Flat Roof, Flat Roofing, Roof Repairs for Reading.