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It’s the weather’s fault your flat roof is leaking – get it replaced by a Reading Specialist

Why Is My Flat Roof Susceptible To Damage?

Sunday, October 16th, 2011

The answer to this question is all to do with the great British weather. The elements such as snow, frost and rain (and even the sunshine) can cause flat roof problems. Eventually small holes created in the roof will cause water to penetrate below, and this often causes sever damage. It’s best to get any small repair done quickly.

I’m licensed to dispose of your old flat roof materials

It’s a good idea to have a roof checked annually.

And certainly if you haven’t had it checked for 5 years of more – give me a call for a free inspection as it’s long overdue!

Call me on 07710 333 664 – Carl Clarke Flat Roof Reading Repairs And Replacement

I am happy to offer an inspection report for any flat roof in Reading.